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Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
💕 Ethically sourced / Cruelty free 💕
Bone Jewelry, Animal Skulls, Oddities & More!


***I do post my personal collection pieces in addition to my own work!***
Original artists are credited when possible!

Like my page on facebook for updates, giveaways, coupons and more!

I'm on tumblr and instagram too!
@ kazscreations on IG

Please contact me directly though Etsy or Facebook for questions and custom orders!

*** US Shipping Only, Sorry! ***
Trying to downsize my collection since I may be moving soon!
Marked prices do not all include shipping (a few do though)
Some items don't have set prices yet; But please be reasonable with your offers. If you're not sure if you're lowballing, do some google research of similar items first.

Will likely add to this list as I clean out my workroom & freezer!
I also have lots of nature cleaned and beetle cleaned bones for crafting that I'm willing to sell by the box-full (Flat rate priority boxes)

Prices are mostly negotiable, especially if you're buying multiple items!
Message for photos or more info on any items 😊

PICKUP ONLY= Can't ship due to size/fragility. I can probably deliver these items within the Treasure Valley Idaho area.

$25 Domestic Dog (Adult, unknown medium breed, HAS BLEACH/BOIL DAMAGE)
$225 Domestic Dog (Juvenile/puppy, schnauzer, VERY UNIQUE specimen has both puppy and adult teeth present!)
$70 Domestic Cat (Adult, complete)
$55 Domestic Cat (Adult, top half only, missing front incisor)
$20 Domestic Himalayan Rabbit (Adult, damaged/craft grade)
$20 (each) Bats x2 (Horseshoe and Asiatic Yellow)
$50 Red Fox (Adult, complete, needs degreasing)
$40-$50 Gray Fox x3 (Adults, one complete, one with some missing teeth and needing degreasing, one top half only)
$30 Pine Marten (Adult, complete)
$20 Pine Marten (Adult, top half only, missing front incisors)
$35 Badger (Large Adult, Craft grade, impact damage to back of skull)
$60 River Otter (Adult, complete, hinged jaw)
$30 Mink (Adult, complete)
$25 Short Tailed Weasel (Adult, complete)
$35 Rooster (Adult, complete)
$20 Townsends Mole (Adult, complete)
$35 Roe Deer (Adult male, cut for European mount but I removed him from his plaque, has broken off antler)
$40 Cow (Adult female, craft grade, has some paint)
PICKUP ONLY- Open to offers- Longhorns x2 (Adult males, huge horns, no lower jaws, and both have varying degrees of damage, have only been mostly nature cleaned so they're still in need of a lot of processing)
PICKUP ONLY- Open to offers- Bull (Adult male, huge horns, top half only, mostly nature cleaned, weighs a ton)
$35 Wild Boar (Small juvenile, nature cleaned, missing some teeth)
$18 Fox Squirrel (Adult, slightly damaged)
$65 Gar Skull (Small-medium, complete, needa degreasing)
$45 Pronghorn Antelope (Adult with horns, craft grade/nature cleaned)
$65 Black Bear (Small Adult, Craft grade, damaged, no lower jaws)
$20 Black Bear Skull Cap (Juvenile, craft grade, small portion of the top half of skull)
$45 Deer Skull cap with Small Sunbleached Antlers
$35 (each) Deer Skull Caps x3 (Craft grade, Just the caps where the sutures are, no antlers)
$35 (each) Opossum x2 (Beetle cleaned, complete)
$30 Rock Chuck (Natural patina, Missing front incisors)
$35 Woodchuck (Adult, needs degreasing, Complete)
$40 Nutria (Adult, needs degreasing, Complete)
$35 Skunk (Adult, needs degreasing, Complete)

$100 Traditional Novelty "Drunk" Ferret (Full body)
$150- Open to offers- Traditional Novelty "Punk Gamer" Raccoon (Full body)
PICKUP ONLY- Open to offers- Traditional Antique Bobwhite Quail Pair (Full body, diorama)

$200 Cross Fox (Complete, non mountable)
$200-$250 (each) Bobcats x2 (Complete, non mountable)
$150 Tundra Blue Fox (No feet, non mountable)
$150 African Crested Porcupine (Back piece only, non mountable, very stiff)
$120 Coyote #1 (Complete, sold to me as mountable, wolfish coloring)
$150 Coyote #2 (Complete, sold to me as mountable, reddish coloring, face reshaped for headdress)
$175 Whitetail Deer (Back piece only, non mountable)
$175 Sapphire or Pearl Fox (Cut face, no feet, short tail)
$150-$200 Antique Blue Fox Stole (Complete, wearable stole with repairwork)
$25-$45 (each) Minks x3 (One stole with eyes and mouthclip missing front feet, one pelt missing front feet and nose, one missing face & feet with reattached tail)
$20 Wild Rabbit (Small, has face but no feet, Far from perfect)
$25 (each) White Rabbits x5 (Craft grade! Back/body pieces only)
$30 (each) Mixed Color Rabbit x5 (Craft grade! Back/body pieces only)

Tails/Fur Scraps:
$35 Alaskan Red Fox Face  
$25 Silver Fox Tail Keychain (B quality leather. Advised for display only or craft use)
$25 (each) Coyote Tails x2
$30 (each) Gray Fox Tails x2
$15 Australian Possum Tail Keychain
$40 Wild Red Fox Tail
$15 Damaged Red Fox Tails x2 (Work for wallhangers!)
$10 (each) Broken/Damaged Silver Fox Tails x3 (In varying conditions, good for crafts or displays needing tufts of fur)
$15 (each) Deer Scraps x2 (Small-medium sized pieces)
$100 Bag of Salvaged Thrift Store/Antique Fur Stoles & Scraps (8 Pieces-All lined!)
$30 Lamb scraps x2
$35 Bobcat Legskins with Paws/Claws
$40 Scrap Bag- Mixed Species, Small pieces & tufts

Wet Specimens:
PICKUP ONLY-Prairie Rattlesnake (Large adult, in high quality plastic)
$150 Spitting Cobra (Small adult, fancy possibly vintage glass)
$150 Monocled Cobra (Small, simple possible vintage glass)
$40-$50 Red Headed Agamas x2 (Medium adults, both in semi-fancy glass)
$150 Fetal Armadillo (Late term, in fancy vintage glass but jar DOES NOT SEAL)
$150 Gopher snake (Adult, in fancy vintage glass)
PICKUP ONLY- $150 Chipmunk (Adult, fancy elevated glass globe with amethyst bead accents)
$50 Goose Trachea & Tongue (Tall possibly vintage glass)
$40 Badger Trachea & Tongue (Simple glass)
$30 Cat Intestines (Simple glass)
$35 Kitten Kidneys (Pair, Fancy vintage glass)
$30 (each) Hatchling Turtles x5 (Simple glass)
$30-50 Domestic Rats (One adult in fancy vintage glass, one juvenile in simple glass)
$20 Watersnake Head (Simple glass)
$65 Badger Paws x6 (Currently all jarred together in simple glass- can be separated or mummified)
$10 Jar of misc parts & bugs (Simple glass)
$20 PICKUP ONLY-Moon Cactus (Simple glass)
$40 Wild Vole (Simple glass jar)
$65 Diaphonized Baby Rat (Glass vial)

Mummies/Other Oddities:
$75 (each) Mummified Gar Heads x2 (Both small, one is dyed)
$35 (each) Mummified Hatchling Turtles x2
$100 Mummified Opossum head with Crystal Accents
$100 Mummified Nutria Head with Crystal Accents
$50 Mummified House Sparrow
$75 Mummified Skunk Head
$75 Fur, Leather & Feather Wallhanger Display Piece


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